Breezes of August Have blown, and Bandar Bush is at the field, the result 0-1 for the lions.. Game Over Arabs

Denise Najem

Game of cat and mouse is the style used by Zionists to expand the war circle in Syria, between SAA and NATO Rats. When the army fought in the interior areas, weapons and armed men were smuggled through the boarders. When the army surrounds them from within through the tunnels they move into other areas. Now their presence targets the people directly and the entity of Syria. All of this was done under the velvet table of dialogue that extended for so long. In that time, they were trying to drain SAA, to start playing face to face afterwards.

Solid evidences prove that Syria was targeted since the beginning of Arab Spring that made a whole turn to reach Syria, mainly to overthrow Syria because it is the gate of the Middle East regarding due to its strategic location midst the Arab countries, and disarm the country from its recently developed weapons as they are consist a danger to Israel’s Security. When targeting civilians in Syria, it is highly possible to manipulate evidences to accuse the army and the High Command of committing murders, massacres and other acts, since these accusations are considered among the most important humanitarian issues used by USA to convict any country and any president who does not obey the USA orders and does not recognizes the state of Israel. But the most important and obvious evidences that reveal how deep the Israeli and US involvement in conspiracy on Syria and targeting the Syrian Regime to paralyze it.

These evidences are:
1. Assassinating senior High Commanders in bombing the building of National Security in Damascus 18/7/2012, because they were responsible of weapon development in Syria.
2. December 2012, Yarmok Camp was targeted to paralyze the unity of resistance between Syria and Palestine, and to prevent SAA from entering Guta area at Damascus Countryside because of the presence of tunnels and stationing of armed groups and international intelligence agencies that directly run the war on Syria.
3. January 2013: Military airports were targeted in the aim of reaching military basis for knowing the recently developed weapons in Syria and provide Israel with the decoded ciphers.
4. February 2013: Jemraya was attacked under the claim that Syrian regime is smuggling weapons for Hezbollah, and the real target was based on false leaked information indicating the presence of chemical weapons beneath the Research Center.
5. March 2013: The claims of using chemical weapons and framing SAA of launching chemical missile on Khan Elassal in Aleppo countryside.
6. May 2012: Headquarters of Special units of the Republican Guards around The Public Palace and Research and Experiments Center and several military stations between Qasiun Mountain Jemraya were shelled with the aim of striking Missile basis.
7. August 2013: Arab Communities abroad started to pressure Syrian within Syria and trying to perused them to leave Syria, in preparation for war. Gulf financed Media promoted that danger reached peak, and the poor Syrian people should be rescued. So, some Western countries opened immigration doors for Syrians living in Syria.
8. Sunday 28/7/2013: Terrorists committed a massacre in Khan Elassal in Aleppo countryside to soldiers in SAA after their ammunition ended, then turned into civilians in area and committed even bigger and more hideous massacre.
9. Sunday 18/8/2013: A team of UN experts arrived to Damascus to investigate the claims of chemical weapons use in Damascus Countryside.
10. Wednesday 21/8/2013: Chemical weapons were used at the Eastern and Western Guta in Damascus countryside in the aim of:
1- Providing tangible evidence confirming the presence of chemical weapons in Syria to be used by the West, after manipulating facts and setting accusation of using these weapons against the people.
2- This the second time where SAA is driven away from reaching the depth of Guta to root out terrorism there with orders from the stat launching wide comprehensive operation to get rid of every last terrorist in Damascus, which again confirms the presence of international intelligent point there.
11. Sunday 25/8/2013: SAA soldiers suffered from suffocation when barging into one of the Terrorists hiding places in Jubar area in Damascus Countryside, that contained chemical weapons holds the writing “made in KSA”. These weapons are at the custody of Syrian leadership as a proof. This proves for the third time how they want to prevent SAA from retrieving Guta and confirms that the mystery of Guta is the same as the mystery of Quseir with the presence of tunnels and an operation room for international inelegance agency that are almost ready to surround Damascus and start military intervention. The American President Obama ordered the move American navy and airfares to speed up the preparations for airstrike against Assad’s regime.

Greater powers, big countries and some traitors of Arab leaders agreed on the destruction of Syria. Since the beginning of the crisis, they besieged Syria economically, forced international sanctions, fought her with the Gulf financed media to influence the public opinion and push the human rights gang to adopt the issue of the helpless Syrian people in this war between the regime and the opposition to be submitted in turn to the Security Council which will grant green light to the NATO to perform military intervention. The accusations that were made recently against the president Bashar Assad regarding the incident of using chemical weapons in Eastern and Western Guta stated that he obstructed the immediate access of the investigation team because he is hiding something, and seized the change to destroy the evidences. Based on this tenderizer reason, USA established its decision to interfere military via NATO forces, which is a complete reversal of facts stating that Syrian Government responded to all requests made by UN team investigating the use of chemical weapons, based upon its confidence that terrorists are the ones using chemical weapons. But USA was very clear from the very beginning by reversing facts against everyone refuses to submit to its orders and does not recognize Israel as a state and owns advanced weapons that threaten Israel’s security and entity. The decision of military intervention in Syria was taken since the beginning of Hebrew Spring. The scenario of war on Syria will start with the movement of international intelligence which will surround Damascus on land while the US navy will surround it from sea and air and direct missile strikes to what is left from the Syrian infrastructure. Such strikes shall not target the advanced Russian weapons developed in Syria as it will be considered a provocative strike to Russia. What is weird is that the US knows that it will get out of this war overloaded, just as happened in Afghanistan, but it can’t reject the Israeli orders who want to get its revenge from the resistance axis for aiding Hezbollah in 2006 till achieving the victory.
All datum confirm that Syria, the leader, the people and the army, undergone a dirty conspiracy, and paid dearly due the provocative Israeli strikes against Syria and under the American patronage. If the US insisted on playing the same record about human rights and helpless people and if it did not have any political or strategic targets to achieve in Syria by this excuse, it would highlighted the rights of Palestinian people or Iraqis who are suffering of terrorism since the ominous intervention of NATO forces till today.

The story of chemical weapons used by SAA against the terrorists of Al-nasra Front is false and fabricated story. The owners of international disorder channels like Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya, and Qatar and KSA are the ones who invented the lie and believed it. As they are the ones who knows best about Al-nasra Front because they made, shape and finance it. The story of the chemical weapons used by the army against them is a story they wrote and direct, and by that they aim to launch psychological war against the Syrian people to destroy their spirits and practice political pressure for military intervention to topple Syria. But they are deluded and dreaming, as their misleading media are clear to our aware people who know the size of the conspiracy and Syria Al-assad is the lap holding the Islamic resistance, and all those who bet the strike of this axis would topple the Islamic resistance is deluded. The fuse of war ignited in Syria is only a time bomb that will explode and its fire will reach them all. The rules of the game had changed, and the magic will turn against the magician soon, and they have to pay the price for their Hebrew Spring and their collision that represents one of the freemason’s protocols.
Striking of Syrian military force centers only means that Syria would fall in the hands of terrorist to destroy what is left in Syria, and that’s is something the resistance countries shall not permit, and Tehran shall not let Damascus fall into the hands of Terrorism. Surprises of Assad, Tehran and Hezbollah are waiting for conspirators on Syria equal a total destruction on the levels of the Middle East and the world, if they tried to repeat the scenario of Iraq and Libya, Israel can destroy Syria from the inside a hundred times with covert war executed by Arabic hands without losing anything in this cold war, but Syria can destroy Israel onetime with knockout and it shall not be able to rearrange its cards with its allies

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