The Middle East is between Washington and Tel Aviv

The Middle East is between Washington and Tel Aviv
By .. Ruba Youssef Shaheen

Within the US policies toward the Middle East, there is a dark tunnel represented by the presence of the so-called Israel. It is a battle of policies that has taken place since Britain announced the sinister “Balfour Declaration”, which entailed the division of Arab countries according to an unparalleled aggressive political methodology, which was the mother who produced and paved the way for agreements and treaties (Camp David – Wadi Araba – Oslo) in the Middle East.

Many steps were followed each period with the escalation of conservative American presidents, who are known for their loyalty to global Zionism, where systematic political planning was carried out for the stages of development, to reach the result of the terms of the deal of the century through the application of the “new Middle East term”, which works in secret to not The possibility of upholding the Balfour Declaration again, which is based on the establishment of a national homeland for Jews in Palestine, and more correctly it is based on the idea of ​​establishing the state of Israel, which they began to announce loudly, after winning many conspirators on the Palestinian issue.

With the expansion of the defaults towards occupied Palestine, the chapters of the global imperialist scheme began to reveal in the world, especially the Levant.

And it seems that the war on Syria stripped the factories of Western policy, which were established to achieve the capitalist control of the countries allied to it, but through figures belonging to the branch of global Zionism, and this is what appeared clear from the blocs and splits that took place in Washington with the administration of President Donald Trump, through the political liquidation of some Responsible, keep the followers of Zionist American thought only.

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Despite the resignation of John Bolton, who is called the War Advocate, and the resignation of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Nicky Hayley, the US permanent representative to the United Nations, which was considered one of the fiercest defenders of Trump’s views regarding Iran and the DPRK, and the other controversial resignation of the Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who, upon leaving the US administration in 2018, indicated his rejection of Trump’s policies, which led to differences between Washington and its allies in Europe, and the American president’s withdrawal from several international agreements including the Iranian nuclear agreement and the Paris Climate Agreement, all A data Chi explicitly that the US administration policy tracks architectonic explicitly related to the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

Through time and by comparison of presidents, Trump and Ronald Reagan are similar in achieving great proportions in the era of the United States with the resignations or expulsions of its employees.

The foreign policies of American presidents are similar through their relations with countries that oppose Israel. After the fall of the Shah of Iran and before the American presidential elections, Reagan made a statement to the Washington Post on August 15, 1979, in which he stated: “Any regional pro-Western organization will not have any real military value. Without Israel participating in it in one way or another. ”
White House presidents competed to provide attention, support and support to the Israeli entity, manifested in its fullest degree by President Trump taking over the White House affairs, and this is what the Zionist and Masonic lobbies of the world wanted, and it spent billions of dollars on it, until it flooded the Middle East with devastating wars to restore the new Middle East industry that took place George Bush Jr.

The American foreign policy scenario based on the principle of “implement and then objection” “after me and the flood”, which some proxy countries implemented through their rulers as did Saudi Arabia in Yemen and America in Iraq, and the participation of 82 countries in the war against Syria.

 Syria, the center and axis, was able to build the impenetrable dam with the Russian and Iranian allies, and they are fighting the war against terrorism. The construction was taking place with the liberation of every inch of Syria, which would stop the political and military invasion of the West known for its global superiority.

The issue of betting on breaking the axis of resistance in the American administration is gradually falling despite its multiple attempts to plant a wedge of sectarian fighting in some Arab countries, such as Iraq. The peoples without their rulers have become more knowledgeable and understanding of American policy, especially with regard to the Middle East, which is the most important point for American Western policies, which This is the essential hot east upon which the ominous Balfour Declaration will be built.

Between this and that, it seems that the Western policies as a whole are going according to a pattern that Washington wants to be the ruler of Middle East policies, but people who resist and reject the principle of American policies will have the word separation towards these policies, from Tehran to Damascus and Baghdad to Beirut, the policies will be framed The United States, and placing it in the form of no influence, especially as the Syrian army and its allies are at the center of the resistance, forming an equation based on confronting Washington and its terrorist tools in the Middle East.

By .. Ruba Youssef Shaheen
Arab News Agency
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